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Solar Flag Pole Lights

Solar Illuminations

Solar Illuminations is dedicated to providing high quality commercial grade solar spot lighting and solar flood lights for illuminating flag poles. We offer the brightest LED solar flag lighting at the most competitive prices. Our products are completely independent of the electrical grid, manufactured with long lasting LED technology, and supplied as a complete ready to go system.

Solar Flag Pole Lighting

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About Solar Flag Lights

More information about solar flag lighting and US Tradition.

Solar Flag Light Gallery

Customer images of their Solar Flag Pole lighting.

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Solar Flag Lights and Solar Flagpole Lighting

Our light fixtures can be ground mounted and angled up towards your flag providing lighting all the way up the pole. For a more intense effect we offer pole mounting clamps which allow you to mount the solar flag pole light higher up the pole… read more


What We Do

Outdoor Solar LED Lighting & Solar LED Home Lighting Systems…

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Solar Illuminations is the largest and most diversified solar lighting company in the world.